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RunEL's Sparq-2020 System on Chip (SoC) offers unbeatable performance for Ultra Reliable Low Latency (URLLC) applications such as V2X, Connected Cars, Drones Communication, Remote Surgery, Interactive Games, etc. 


The Sparq-2020 is 5G 3GPP standard compliant (REL-15) and is optimized for URLLC applications in order to deliver unbeatable latency below (250 microseconds) using its unique "Sparq Minislots" and "Integrated Mobile Edge Computing" (I-MEC) technology.

The Sparq-2020 is used in 5G New Radio (NR), Remote Radio Head (RRH) and Smart RRH (SRRH) type of Products.


RunEL also provides the Sparq-2020 Reference Design Board (RDB) to enable equipment manufacturers an easy and painless process from design to commercial product at different 5G bands (mmWaves below 6GHz and other bands.

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