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Yinon Levy: VP of R&D, Co-Founder

Yinon Levy, is an expert in wireless mobile OFDMA technology area. Now researching the future 5G cellular technology and IOT. For more than 25 years he has been involved in the Hi-tech industry and has more than 10 years in design 4G mobile communications SOC. Prior to his present position he served as Phy/RTL Group leader – LTE & Wimax Base Station manager in Runcom Technologies. Yinon Defines and lead the architecture design and RTL coding of 4G wireless various DSP modules such as Channel Estimator, LDPC FEC Decoder,  RX Beam Forming, MIMO (MMSE), Ranging (CDMA over OFDMA), Up-Link Sounding, CQI (Channel Quality Indicator).

Yinon also defines the system performance of the 4G mobile modem receivers and implementing the 4G modem mobile via FPGA’s and ASIC. Prior to Runcom, Yinon was Founder of Soft Models Ltd. a company where he held his position more than 10 years. Soft Models was design house for IP and SOC design in the Telecommunication and Mobile area. Among the companies that Soft Models made projects for them were Tadiran Communications, InnoWave and ECI.

Yinon holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

from the Technion in Haifa and

a MBA from the Tel-Aviv University.


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