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Dr. Eli Shasha

CTO, Co-Founder

Dr. Eli Shasha has gained a comprehensive knowledge and expertise in diverse areas of science and engineering. Eli holds PhD degree from Tel Aviv University in Physics and has successfully completed a variety of courses on advanced ASIC R&D technologies.


Eli served as a VLSI project manager at BreezeCom, and as design engineer at Motorola. He joined Runcom on 2001 and since then he was engaged in developing and leading diverse activities such as Turbo Encoder/Decoder algorithm + VHDL implementation, Developing LDPC Encoder/Decoder algorithm for IEEE 802.16, design and Implementation of MESH network simulator in cpp + OpenGL, and simulation of channel estimation algorithms for OFDM channels.


Currently Eli is leading the 5G PHY/MAC development effort within RunEL including the NR 5G LDPC, Polar and AI MAC scheduler.

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