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RunEL's Sparq2025 Platform
Scalability, flexibility and innovation

RunEL develops a disruptive Distributed 5G RAN (Radio access network) Platform named Sparq2025P.
The Sparq2025P is a Software Defined Platform, flexible, scalable, based on forward compatible architecture targeting in-door and out-door coverage using of macro, micro and small cell configurations. This platform supports high QoE (Quality of Experience) services. Based on its 5G end to end in-house developed product, RunEL’s aims to achieve a 3GPP standard compliant gNB (gNodeB) ”5G Network in a Box” including optional MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) virtualized applications server meeting the ITU 5G vision and KPI’s.

Scalability & Flexibility



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Plug & Play

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Zero Touch


The Sparq2025P distributed gNB architecture is based on a DRAN (Distributed Radio Access Network) unit connected through Ethernet over fiber or wireless front-haul to a set of RRH (Remote Radio Head) transceiver units that wirelessly connect with Smart Phones and/or IoT/MTC/URLLC/eMBB terminals. The Sparq2025P, 5G Network in a Box, combines innovative Wireless Artificial-Intelligence capabilities including Machine-Learning based Scheduler with inherent fast SoN (Self Organizing Network), COMP (Collaborative Multipoint) capabilities, achieving maximum throughput without compromising Quality of Experience.

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