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a full end-to-end 5G solution complying with ITU IMT-2020 requirements and 3GPP standards. Supporting the ITU use cases and market needs (KPI’s, energy efficiency, spectrum bands, and more) require advanced “engines” with technological challenges at all levels:

Distributed Network Architecture

End-to-end Intelligent Network Distributed Architecture with low delay, and high reliability supporting massive connectivity. 

Fast & Flexible Processing

Fast, flexible and efficient digital and analog processing semiconductor for 5G infrastructure capable of supporting different types of Base Stations (Macro, Small Cells and Indoor Access Points).

Multi-Cire Processing

Multi-Core signal and data processors supporting OFDMA modems which embrace the advantages of all domain types including time, frequency, code, spatial, power separation enforced by advanced multi-antenna assemblies (antenna arrays with multiple elements).  

Next-Gen Algorithm

Faster and energy efficient wireless algorithms.

Advanced Virtualization

Computing and Virtualization (NFV/SDN) at the software defined base-station (SDR BS) and up to the Core Network (Cloud).