Our Technology

Standard compliant, yet groundbreaking

Our technology is compatible with ITU IMT-2020 requirements and 3GPP standards. Supporting the ITU use cases and market needs (KPI’s, energy efficiency, spectrum bands, and more) require advanced “engines” with technological challenges at all levels

Distributed Network Architecture

End-to-end Intelligent Network Distributed Architecture with low delay, and high reliability supporting massive connectivity. 

Fast & Flexible Processing

Fast, flexible and efficient digital and analog processing semiconductor for 5G infrastructure capable of supporting different types of Base Stations (Macro, Small Cells and Indoor Access Points).

Next-Gen Algorithm

Faster and energy efficient wireless algorithms.

Multi-Core Processing

Multi-Core signal and data processors supporting OFDMA modems which embrace the advantages of all domain types including time, frequency, code, spatial, power separation enforced by advanced multi-antenna assemblies (antenna arrays with multiple elements).  

Advanced Virtualization

Computing and Virtualization (NFV/SDN) at the software defined base-station (SDR BS) and up to the Core Network (Cloud).



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