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RunEL's relentless innovation
Deep tech combined with AI/ML

The Sparq2025P enhances the user’s QoE by maximizing the network key performance aspects supporting maximum throughput bps/Hertz/sqm. The disruptive AI/ML Scheduler enables achieving target KPIs and adapt with the innovative applications’ requirements including a fast track to ASIC when required.


Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication

Our technology is made for the challenges of URLLC and covers eMBB and IoT challenges as well


The Front Haul

RunEL's Front-Haul network uses new a low delay Ethernet HW Core, carrying out switching decision at the PHY Ethernet protocol. RunEL's solution achieves a long distance coverage by transmitting data in an Ethernet ring topology at ultra-low delay and very low front-haul cost.


Two Box Type Solution

RunEL's proprietary solution is encapsulated in the boxes: DRAN and RRH units, to ease deployment in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Fog Architecture
We were able to minimize latency in the Sparq2025P by placing the processing units close to the network edge. Unlike the 3GPP (F1 split), RunEL developed a PHY split (7.2 ORAN split) that keeps virtualized centralized Forward Error Code in the PHY core.


Futrure ASIC

We built a platform that is designed on a flexible FPGA and may convert in the future to a SoC ASIC version, reducing cost, power consumption and size.


Wireless AI/ML

RunEL's is developing an AI/ML tech that will have a major impact on performance of the MAC Scheduler, beam management, MIMO, antenna and more.


Integrated Network in a box

RunEL's integrated centralized Scheduler Machine Bank uses higher access layers protocol stack and lite MEC and 5G Core within the DRAN box. The centralized Scheduler works on very short time intervals (in parallel with all beams in all the RRH units) enabling immediate transport of short delay packets.


5G 3GG Compliant Base Solution

RunEL developed its 5G architecture for the Radio Access Network (RAN) so that all products and elements are Standard compliant.


No Colliding Scheduling

The Scheduling interval is based on mini-slots with almost no colliding packets.


Integrated MEC (I-MEC)

Our solution provides an I-MEC, enabling support of hot spots requiring URLLC services as may be described in 3GPP TS 22.104 cyber-Physical control applications.

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