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Low latency, high performance

RunEL's DU and RU

The Sparq-2025-DRAN and Sparq-2025-RRH make up the unique Distributed Architecture design for a New Radio (NR, 5gNB) designated  for 5G infrastructure, that fully complies with 3GPP 5G Standards (Rel-15). The Sparq2025P DRAN and RRH are optimized for Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) and support enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) and Massive Machine type Communication (mMTC). The Sparq-2025-DRAN is based on the RunEL Sparq-2025-2 System on Chip and the Sparq-2025-RRH is based on the RunEL Sparq-2025-3 System on Chip.


First in the Market

The first ever technology to use RunEL's Distributed Architecture.


Include PHY (Physical Layer)

Includes 5G PHY (Layer 1) with PHY split (option 7. x).


Optimized for URLLC

Including “Sparq Minislots“, Hardware based MAC, Cell-less instantaneous handoffs and integrated mobile edge computing (“I-MEC”).


5G 3GPP Compliant

Designed for 5G infrastructure that fully complies with the 3GPP Standard.


Multiple Beam Forming

Includes 28GHz or 3.5 GHz multiple beam steerable Beam Forming Antenna


Broad Coverage

Large coverage area using up to 64 RRHs with one DRAN



Includes FPGA chip based on 16 nano-meter technology.


Open and Customizable

Includes an open Architecture that enables customization via API


Indoor/Outdoor Deployment

Flexible deployment models for indoor and outdoor settings

Full Features List

  • Includes PHY, (MAC and RLC Modules from third party are optional)

  • Optional embedded CU with PDPC, SDAP, RRC, Light NgCore, UPF and MEC modules

  • DRAN supports up to 64 RRHs

  • 27.5 to 30GHz  or 3.3 to 3.8 GHz operation (other frequency bands are optional)

  • 4 x 200 MHz channel BW (50 and 100 MHz available as well)

  • 256 element on  28GHz Antenna Array (1 or 4 independent beams)

  • 64 element on 3.5 GHz Antenna Array (up to 4 independent beams)

  • Up to 64 Gbps Capacity for DRAN

  • Up to 4 Gbps Capacity (1 Gbps per beam) for RRH

  • Physical Layer split between DRAN and RRHs connected via fast Ethernet Ring (20 Gbps) or Hub and Stroke (Star) Architecture (4 Gbps)

  • Latency < 0.5 msec'

  • Sub Carrier Spacing- 15, 30, 60, 120, 240 KHz

  • TTI Spacing – from 8.25 to 1000 msec (TTI Spacing depends on Subcarrier-spacing and number of OFDM symbols)

  • FDD and Dynamic TDD Supported

  • CSI-RS, PTRS, DMRS- Supported

  • LDPC (Data Plane) and Polar Codes ( Control Plane) Supported

  • CP-OFDMA implemented in UL and DL and DFT-S-OFDM for UL

  • CoMP- Supported

  • Indoor and Outdoor operation

  • 64 bits DDR4 to FPGA Logic

  • Embedded GPS receiver for outdoor synchronization

  • Battery option for GPS receiver, save RTC when power is off

  • Support IEEE 1588 synchronization 

Download the Brochure

Download Brochure
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