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Sparq-2020 System on Chip (SoC)

  • First in the Market
  • 5G 3GPP standard compliant (Rel-15)
  • Includes 5G PHY and MAC ( Layers 1 , 2)
  • Optimized for URLLC – including  “Sparq Minislots“ and integrated mobile edge computing (“I-MEC”)
  • FPGA based (16 nm technology)
  • Enables customization via API’s
  • Main features:
    • 3 x 200 MHz BW
    • > 10  Gbps  Capacity (with carrier aggregation)
    • Latency < 0.5 msec
    • MU-MIMO; Beam Forming, CoMP
Sparq-2020 System on Chip

Sparq-2020-RDB (Reference Design Board)

Main Features

  • Provides an easy and painless process from design to commercial product

  • Supports different products within the 5G architecture ( New Radio, RRH, SRRH, etc.)

  • Supports different frequencies by external RF boards interfaces

  • Large FPGA including 4 ARM cores

  • 72bits DDR4 SODIMM 4G connected to ARM cores

  • 64 bits DDR4 to FPGA Logic

  • Embedded GPS receiver

  • Battery option to GPS receiver, save RTC when power is off

  • Programmer clocks chip, support IEEE 1588 synchronization 



  • FMC connector

  • 4 x 10G SFP+

  • 4 x CPRI SFP+ (can be used for Ethernet 10G instead)

  • 1 x USB to control 4 UARTS: a- for CPU, b-for CPU, c- for FPGA, d- for GPS

  • 2 x Mictor connectors for debugging

  • 5 x SMA connectors: a- External 10MHz input, b- External 10MHz output, c- 1pps input, d- 1pps output, e- GPS Antenna

  • Additional clock generator chip - Ultra Low-Noise JESD204B Compliant Clock Jitter

  • PCIe x 4 Gen2 for external server connection or MEC


Power and Environmental

  • Power Inputs: -48V/24V/12 V


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Sparq-2020 Reference Design Board block diagram

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