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2 Hachoma Street, second floor
Rishon Lezion, 7565502


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Dr. Zion Hadad President & CEO, Founder

Dr.Zion Hadad founded Runcom Technologies Ltd. in Israel at 1997. Dr. Hadad possesses an extensive experience in the development of military and commercial communication systems with specialized expertise in the fields of Spread Spectrum (SS), Frequency Hopping (FH), Direct Sequence (DS), CDMA, OFDMA, ECC and Adaptive Array Technologies.

Dr. Hadad now researching the future 5G cellular technology and IOT.
Prior to the inception of Runcom, Dr. Hadad served as VP and GM for Broadband Wireless Access [BWA] and Chief Scientist of InnoWave, a wireless local loop company, purchased by Alvarion in 2001. Prior to his engagement with InnoWave, Dr. Hadad served as the Chief Scientist of the Tactical Comm. Division of Tadiran Communications. In addition, for a period of 5 years Dr. Hadad was involved in the development of military radio for the US Army soldier SINCGARS with General Dynamics USA, and with the development of the commercial Broadband CDMA in InterDigital USA [IDCC], which variant was later developed into the 3GPP third generation cellular technology [3G].
During 1997 Dr. Hadad invent and initiated development of the OFDMA technology for Runcom, and he currently holds a few registered patents in connection with such technology. As the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Runcom, Dr. Hadad incorporated the OFDMA technology as base line for broadcast return channel and the 4G cellular technologies: ETSI  DVB RCT, IEEE 802.16d,e and after that a variant of this adapted by 3GPP LTE for the fourth generation cellular [4G].
Dr. Hadad holds a PhD in

Electrical Engineering (EE) from CUNY (USA).