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Dr. Zion Hadad

President & CEO, Founder

Dr. Hadad possesses extensive experience in the development of commercial and military communication systems with specialized expertise in the fields of Spread Spectrum (SS), Frequency Hopping (FH), Direct Spread (DS), CDMA and ECC Adaptive Array Technologies.

Zion finalized his PhD (honors) in Electrical Engineering from CUNY NY, served as the Chief Scientist of the Tactical Communication Division of Tadiran (today Elbit systems) and as VP of Business Development and Chief Scientist at InnoWave Tadiran/ECI. Mr. Hadad pioneered the concept of OFDMA and began the Marathon of convincing the 1st tier companies on validity of the OFDMA technology in high mobility environment. Zion founded Runcom and played the role of Chairman and CEO of Runcom until 2011. Over the years, Zion succeeded in introducing the OFDMA technology worldwide, leading Runcom to be the baseline for IEEE 802.16 a, d, e, the OFDMA standard. In 2015 Zion founded RunEL, bringing his vast experience in communication and wireless networks, as well as in commercialization and standardization into the development of advanced 5G SoC and 5gNB meeting the future 5G standards.

For a list of patents by Dr. Zion Hadad visit

Dr. Zion Hadad is  recognized as an inventor and entrepreneur of OFDMA technology.

He founded OFDMA at Runcom in 1997 and played a pivotal role in its advancement across different channels and standards.

Some notable highlights include his involvement in the EU project ADAMAS, contributions to DVB RCR and IEEE, and his participation in the development of IEEE 802.16 a, b, d, and e standards.

Dr. Hadad also made significant contributions to the adoption of OFDMA in 4G LTE and ongoing efforts in 5G technology.


His work on OFDMA has had a profound impact on wireless communications, as it has become a crucial technology in various wireless standards, including 4G LTE and 5G.

Additionally, OFDMA is widely utilized in applications like Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7, further highlighting its significance.


Dr. Hadad's contributions to the field of wireless communications have established him as a pioneering figure. His visionary work on OFDMA has shaped the future of wireless technology, and his valuable contributions continue to be highly appreciated in the industry.

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