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Welcome To The Next Generation of Mobile Connectivity

 RunEL's RU and DU can empower an entire stadium 

and Enterprise solutions


State of the Art Platform
RunEL's Sparq2025p is a software defined, flexible and scalable Distributed 5G Radio Access Network platform, adapted for both in-door and out-door coverage and focused on high-end user experience.

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Technological Edge

Our technology presents a full end-to-end 5G solution based on vast research and experience, and compatible with 3GPP and ITU IMT-2020 requirements 

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Scalable Solution
RunEL's Sparq2025P is scalable peaking up to 64Gbps aggregate data rate per 100MHz channel BW for a coverage area with 64 beams created by the RRH transceivers connected to the DRAN.

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Relentless Innovation
Using AI/ML deep-tech algorithm, the Sparq2025P is able to achieve next-gen QoE (Quality of Experience), enabling innovative applications.

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